Pokies Fun Facts

Pokies and Slots Fun Facts

The world of Aristocrat pokies and slot machines from across the globe is certainly very unique and interesting. So whether you’re a pure pokie fan from “down-under”, or a slot enthusiast from other parts of the world – we’ve assembled this list of fun facts for you and we hope you enjoy.

  • The first slot machine was originally introduced in America by Charles Frey, who then went on to develop Aristocrat’s first slot machine not long after.
  • Aristocrat developed their first pokie machine, The Clubman, in 1953.
  • Pokie is a rather unique word to most of the world, but it’s the standard term for video slot machines in Australia. Likely slang originating from video poker machine.
  • Big Bertha is the world’s largest slot machine, standing at an impressive 6×10 feet this mammoth machine ran $150,000 in development and production costs.
  • As we all know, Las Vegas is the gambling capitol of the world and that’s a moniker well-earned when you consider the fact that there’s one slot machine for every either people who live in Vegas.
  • The largest slot machine payout in history currently goes to a Los Angeles native who hit big while visiting Las Vegas. His winnings, an amazing $39 million.
  • The online record for largest payout came in 2009 and currently stands at 6.37 million Euros.